Day 114 – Celina, TX

September 29, 2010

Resting here for the day and spending time with Alan. He took me to meet a local friend and former mayor and we had a great strategy discussion over breakfast. Following we visited Phil Taylor, an amazing artist who has dedicated his life to painting portraits of fallen heroes and respectfully presenting them to the Gold Star families.  What a truly inspiring facility as he works diligently on completing each work meticulously. I applaud his effort in making a difference in this very personal way.

We visited a local church and shared with the pastor for a few minutes then went on to visit Peter’s grave in Melissa TX. A spectacular tribute to Pete was a full size bronze statue at his gravesite. I have never see such a tribute before and was absolutely stunned. See posted pictures.

Later on we had an intimate dinner with Alan and his family including Pete’s two sisters. It was great to sit down with the family and be able to share our thoughts and grow a little closer as family. Great evening.

Tomorrow: Legislative appt in Allen TX

Blessings, George

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