Honor and Remember Dispatch – October 2009, Vol 2 Issue 10

  Founder’s Message  – Thoughtful Reflection As I write this month’s message, I feel that it is important to recognize that 50 military lives were lost in September. Please scroll down and read the new section below, “Remembering Our Latest Heroes.” PFC William “Lee” Meridith was killed on September 21, 2009, as the vehicle in which … Read more

Honor and Remember Dispatch – September 2009, Vol 2 Issue 9

  Founder’s Message  – More than Numbers As I begin September’s message, I want to encourage you to please take a moment to read slowly through the names below. In July, these men and women were part of intact, happy families, on a particular mission, performing a job they all loved. Pfc3 Anthony C. Garcia – … Read more

Honor and Remember Dispatch – August 2009, Vol 2 Issue 8

  Founder’s Message  – How you can Help! As we move into the final month of summertime and look forward to fall, we need to think about renewing our efforts to build support for the Honor and Remember initiatives. The following is a simple list of things everyone can do to spread the word about our … Read more

Honor and Remember Dispatch – July 2009, Vol 2 Issue 7

  Founder’s Message  – Leaving a Legacy Each year on the Fourth of July, we celebrate the freedoms we won at our nation’s founding and remember the cost that was paid, not only 233 years ago, but also many times since, when those freedoms needed defending.  We remember all of those who laid down their lives … Read more

Honor and Remember Dispatch – June 2009, Vol 2 Issue 6

  Founder’s Message  – Anniversary Appeal  It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since we unveiled the Honor and Remember Flag on Memorial Day 2008. Looking back, I am amazed at the significant progress we have made toward our goals.Personalized Honor and Remember Flags have been presented to dozens of families, including family members … Read more

Honor and Remember Dispatch – May 2009, Vol 2 Issue 5

  Founder’s Message  – Gold Star Presentations I am tremendously grateful for the people who write, encouraging and supporting the Honor and Remember Flag campaign. Every day I get messages expressing gratitude and respect for the effort we are making to awaken America to the need for a national symbol of remembrance for the men and … Read more

Honor and Remember Dispatch – April 2009, Vol 2 Issue 4

  Founder’s Message  – Kevin Baker Among the many accomplishments this month for Honor and Remember, we reached two significant milestones, when the Virginia cities of Chesapeake and Norfolk officially endorsed and adopted the Honor and Remember flag by resolution. It is our hope that city by city and state by state supporters across America will … Read more

Honor and Remember Dispatch – March 2009, Vol 2 Issue 3

  Founder’s Message  – Bill H.R. 1034 A quick update on the month. February was a month of continued momentum. Of the most significant, on February 13th I was privileged to present personalized flags to two very special Gold Star moms; Mrs. Barbara Calfee in honor of her son, PFC Jack W. Calfee, who was killed … Read more

Honor and Remember Dispatch – February 2009, Vol 2 Issue 2

Founder’s Message I am taking a portion of my message to recognize Gold Star mom Mrs. Mollie Snyder. She passed away this week, Feb 8th in Wernersville PA. Mollie was the oldest living member of the American Gold Star mothers, she was 99. She lost her precious son Pfc Walter H. Snyder Jr. on the … Read more

Honor and Remember Dispatch – January 2009, Vol 2 Issue 1

Founder’s Message For those of you just coming on board, let me thank you for believing enough in our mission to take the time to log on and sign the petition. You are now participating in a legacy of gratitude never before attempted in our country’s history. Our inaugural year 2008 resonated throughout the country … Read more

Honor and Remember Dispatch – Vol 1 Issue 4

Founder’s Message This last month has proven to be monumental in the scope of our vision.  It is difficult to begin to prioritize the importance of so many milestones.  Each element of Honor and Remember’s three-fold mission experienced significant progress. First, I want to convey our heartfelt thanks to Dennis Miller, the Fox News Channel … Read more

Honor and Remember Dispatch – Vol 1 Issue 3

  Founder’s Message Honor and Remember achieved three monumental accomplishments this last month that have propelled us further toward our goals. I am amazed and humbled by how quickly important events have fallen into place in recent weeks.At 10 a.m. on Friday, September 26th, I was honored to attend a meeting of the American Gold Star … Read more

Honor and Remember Dispatch – Vol 1 Issue 2

  Founder’s Message There has been breaking news this week as I have received a call from our local Congresswoman’s office. I was informed that preliminary legislation has now been written to officially recognize the  Honor and Remember Flag. Completed legislation could reach the floor of the House of Representatives in as soon as two weeks. … Read more

The Honor and Remember Dispatch – Vol 1 Issue 1

The Honor and Remember Dispatch is devoted to keeping you informed about milestones, events and stories associated with the Honor and Remember National Flag Campaign. This is the first edition of the H&R Dispatch. My intention in creating this newsletter was to provide a way to communicate with everyone who has visited the Honor and … Read more