American Heroes, Our National Treasure

In light of the many upcoming Veteran’s Day tributes, I share with you a brief reflection. Not too long ago, I had a conversation with a Gold Star mother about our sons and the different ways that we as a nation remember our heroes. It was a casual conversation, like many I’ve had with families … Read more

September 2013 Casualties

We remember these twelve heroes who gave their lives for freedoms cause and the families they left behind. Staff Sgt. Thomas A. Baysore, Jr., 31, of Milton, Pa Lt. Cmdr. Landon L. Jones, 35, of Lompoc, Calif. Chief Warrant Officer Jonathan S. Gibson, 32, of Aurora, Ore. Staff Sgt. Liam J. Nevins, 32, of Denver, … Read more

August 2013 Casualties

We remember these eleven heroes who gave their lives and the families they left behind. Staff Sgt. Michael H. Ollis, 24, of Staten Island, N.Y. Sgt. 1st Class Ricardo D. Young, 34, of Rosston, Ark. 1st Lt. Jason Togi, 24, of Pago Pago, American Samoa Spc. Kenneth Clifford Alvarez, 23, of Santa Maria, Calif Pvt. … Read more

PO1 Darrik C. Benson ~ 6 Aug 2011 ~ Afghanistan

July 2013 Casulaties

We remember these eleven heroes who gave their lives in July and the families they left behind Spc. Hilda I. Clayton, 22, of Augusta, Ga. 1st Sgt. Tracy L. Stapley, 44, of Clearfield, Utah Pvt. Errol D.A. Milliard, 18, of Birmingham, Ala Lance Cpl. Benjamin W. Tuttle, 19, of Gentry, Ark Staff Sgt. Sonny C. … Read more

June 2013 Casualties

We remember these eighteen heroes who gave their lives in June and the families they left behind. Spc. Ray A. Ramirez, 20, of Sacramento, Calif. Spc. Kyle P. Stoeckli, 21, of Moseley, Va Pfc. Mariano M. Raymundo, 21, of Houston, Texas Warrant Officer Sean W. Mullen, 39, of Dover, Del Staff Sgt. Job M. Reigoux, … Read more

Honor and Remember Honors Heroes Lost

My Favorite Soldier ~ My Favorite Veteran Blog June 2013

May 2013 Casualties

Twenty-Three Heroes and their families preserved our freedom this month. Staff Sgt. Michael H. Simpson, 30, of San Antonio, Texas Spc. Trinidad Santiago Jr., 25, of San Diego, Calif Pfc. Charles P. McClure, 21, of Stratford, Okla. Capt. Mark T. Voss, 27, of Colorado Springs, Colo., Capt. Victoria A. Pinckney, 27, of Palmdale, Calif. Tech … Read more

April 2013 Casualties

Fourteen Heroes gave their lives for our freedom this month. Chief Warrant Officer Curtis S. Reagan, 43, of Summerville, S.C Capt. James Michael Steel, 29, of Tampa, Fla. Staff Sgt. Christopher M. Ward, 24, of Oak Ridge, Tenn. Spc. Wilbel A. Robles-Santa, 25, of Juncos, Puerto Rico Spc. Delfin M. Santos Jr., 24, of San … Read more

March 2013 Casualties

Sixteen Heroes gave their lives for our country this month Spc. Cody D. Suggs, 22, of West Alexandria, Ohio Tech. Sgt. Larry D. Bunn, 43, of Bossier City, La Capt. Andrew M. Pedersen-Keel, 28, of South Miami, Fla. Staff Sgt. Rex L. Schad, 26, of Edmond, Okla. Chief Petty Officer Christian Michael Pike, 31, of … Read more

Honor and Remember Month of May

31 Days in May for Memorials and Memories. Eight years ago, my son Corporal George A. “Tony” Lutz II was patrolling the streets of Fallujah, Iraq, as part of the Psychological Operations 9th Battalion out of Fort Bragg. Tony joined the Army because he felt it was important to get involved and make a difference … Read more

Cpl Christopher D. Leon ~ 20 June 2006 ~ Iraq

SSG Bryan E. Bolander ~ 29 April 2008 ~ Iraq

February 2013 Casualties

One marine lost his life in defense of our freedoms this month. Staff Sgt. Jonathan D. Davis, 34, of Kayenta, Ariz

SPC Lance A. Clark ~ 25 May 2010 ~ US Army

Half-Staff Protocol

The other day I was on the phone with a friend and supporter of Honor and Remember who is a state senator from Oklahoma. We were discussing pending legislation in different areas around the country and specifically a bill that he was bringing forth in his state. The legislation that he was proposing has been … Read more

The Month of May is Designated “Honor and Remember Month”

Military Fallen Heroes Recognized With Special Events and Celebrations  Chesapeake, VA. – Men and women who have died in military service to America will be the subject of a month of solemn ceremonies, special events and public recognition that will begin with the first annual “Virginia Run for the Fallen,” a four-day, 236-mile tribute run … Read more

January 2013 Casualties

Sgt. Aaron X. Wittman, 28, of Chester, Va. Sgt. David J. Chambers, 25, of Hampton, Va. Sgt. Mark H. Schoonhoven, 38, of Plainwell, Mich.

Honor and Remember Indiana Chapter

Honor and Remember of Indiana,  LLC Director – Donald Finnegan 765-716-4327 Text INFLAG to 71777 to donate

Conder Flag Donates Honor and Remember Flag Set to The Living Military Museum

Conder Flag Company – January 2013

Herd Racing Brings Honor and Remember to Professional Boat Racing Series

National Symbol of Sacrifice and Remembrance Will Appear on Tunnel Boats in 2013 Chesapeake, VA, January 20: Herd Racing will fly the Honor and Remember flag on it’s tunnel boats in 2013, the third consecutive year that the professional boat racing program will support the effort to establish an official national symbol to recognize those … Read more

December 2012 Casualties

Eleven Heroes gave their lives for our country this month Lance Cpl. Anthony J. Denier, 26, of Mechanicville, N.Y. Sgt. 1st Class. Darren M. Linde, 41, of Sidney, Mont. Spc. Tyler J. Orgaard, 20, of Bismarck, N.D. Petty Officer 1st Class Nicolas D. Checque, 28, of Monroeville, Pa Staff Sgt. Wesley R. Williams, 25, of … Read more

Progress Map

Follow the State legislative progress.

Universal State Legislation Sample Bill


December 12, 2012

As I woke this morning to the flashing banners and hoopla of the morning news on this December day, I realized I was not as jubilant as most seemed to be. Today is 12-12-12 an exciting date of notoriety for many as the next lining up of sequential day, month and year numbers is not … Read more

November 2012 Casualties

Fifteen Heroes gave their lives for our country this month Petty Officer 2nd Class Matthew G. Kantor, 22, of Gillette, N.J. Staff Sgt. Dain T. Venne, 29, of Port Henry, N.Y. Spc. Ryan P. Jayne, 22, of Campbell, N.Y. Spc. Brett E. Gornewicz, 27, of Alden, N.Y. Pfc. Brandon L. Buttry, 19, of Shenandoah, Iowa … Read more

Dennis Miller Interview November 2012

Dennis Miller Interview November 13, 2012

Honor and Remember Joins BeBe Winans in Effort to Bring National Appreciation to Fallen Military and Their Families

Symbol Of Sacrifice And Remembrance Being Recognized In Winans’ Song “Ultimate Sacrifice” Honoring Fallen Service Members  VEVO (version 1) YouTube (version 2) Chesapeake, VA  ( November 12, 2012) — Honor and Remember, Inc. is humbled to announce an inspirational alliance that will touch the hearts of millions, in appreciation of those who have given … Read more

Honor and Remember on the #81 of Jason Bowles this Weekend at Phoenix International Raceway for Veteran’s Day

MacDonald Motorsports Press Release“New symbol of sacrifice and remembrance will appear on MacDonald Motorsports No. 81 hood in recognition of Veteran’s Day” (MOORESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA) November 8, 2012 – MacDonald Motorsports is proud to announce that Honor and Remember will be prominently displayed on the hood of the #81 for Jason Bowles this weekend at … Read more

October 2012 Casualties

Seventeen lives given for our country this month. Sgt. Thomas J. Butler IV, 25, of Wilmington, N.C. Sgt. Jeremy F. Hardison, 23, of Maysville, N.C. Sgt. Donna R. Johnson, 29, of Raeford, N.C. Sgt. 1st Class Aaron A. Henderson, 33, of Houlton, Maine Sgt. Camella M. Steedley, 31, of San Diego, Calif Warrant Officer Joseph … Read more