Day 102 – Lake Havasu, AZ

September 17, 2010

Made it to the event at Lake Havasu last night and met up with the organizer. The main feature of Patriot Days is the traveling tribute to the fallen and especially the Vietnam Wall. I had met this group last year in Ogden Utah. Today was opening ceremonies for the week long event with a concert following. The only problem was that it was 106 degress and the foot traffic was light.  Spent alot of the day cooling off in the RV. I was able to meet a few local folks and get some petition signatures and enjoy the ceremony. Also there was a local firetruck flying the flag and with a symbolism decal, I had seen pictures of the truck and I was blessed to see it in person.   I tweeted a picture earlier today.

Tomorrow: Drive to Prescott for weekend events.

Blessings, George