Day 104 – Prescott Valley, AZ

September 19, 2010

Today would be a great day of expectations. We started with a wonderful Paulette breakfast and headed to church with Jasmine, “Fountain of Life” Assembly of God. The pastor was gracious to allow me a portion of the pulpit to share my message. As you know I look for opportunity every Sunday to share in a church setting, sometimes like today that is able to be worked out.

After church and a hearty Cracker Barrel lunch with Jasmine and Glenn we rendezvoused with the local police and several motor cycle groups to be escorted to the Prescott Valley civic center. ¬†Paulette and Jasmine had been planning today’s event for quite some time. A special ceremony with many visitors and guests along with city officials. The Police and Fire Dept were represented as well as both local mayors from Prescott Valley and Prescott. All participated in the ceremony as I was able to share the Honor and Remember vision on a beautiful sunny 90 degree day. One of the highlights today for me was meeting Chuck a Vietnam veteran who gave me his Vietnam pathfinder pin and I was truly humbled having received it. Thanks to Paulette, Jasmine and Laura for helping continue the mission and creating a very memorable day.

Tomorrow: Two hour drive to Phoenix for 130pm ceremony at the Papgo National Guard Armory.

Blessings, George