Day 106 – Phoenix, Flagstaff AZ

September 21, 2010

Stayed the night at the home of Goldie and Larry Murphy. Gold Star mother of Fallen hero Dan McCants. Goldie has been working on legislator support both nationally and in the state of Arizona and was working on possible appointments for me today. Since session is in recess right now we were not able to get anything solid but we had a great morning strategizing. Yesterday at the ceremony I had a couple of very old friends from Virginia, come by who happened to live in Phoenix. So today was open for me to spend  catch up time after many years. Had a great time reminiscing, enjoying the food and fellowship. Oh and these guys are media experts so it was also a great time of brainstorming ideas for driving more awareness nationally. May take an extra day of slow driving to enjoy the scenery, need to be in New Mexico Wednesday night.

Tomorrow:  Head toward Albuquerque

Blessings, George