Day 111 – Canadian, TX

September 26, 2010

Today was an absolutely perfect day from start to finish. First the weather was gorgeous, cool crisp clean air and a cloudless sky. I was invited to speak this morning at First Christian Church in Canadian. I thank pastor Cook for allowing me time in his pulpit today on Gold Star Mother’s day. I briefly shared the message of Honor and Remember and was privileged to make a personalized flag presentation to Vietnam widow Cindy Bowman.

Cindy’s husband Charles had been in special forces in Vietnam and was declared missing shortly after a sensitive mission. For 42 years she had no idea what had happened to him, no closure of any kind. Last month they found his remains and she was informed he was coming home. last week her local paper ran a multipage story on Msgt Newton and today it was my honor to present her with a personalized flag in his name.  It was a truly emotional moment to honor her in this specific way. Soon she will travel to Arlington where they will finally lay him to rest on American soil. It will be again my honor to attend.

The day continued with a picnic at the Henderson’s ranch. I wonderful oasis of a spot that was loved by their son and now turned into an active ropes course. we had a great time in fellowship and wall climbing, zip lining and especially skeet shooting. They sure know how to have fun and this day was a wonderful time with their good friends and family. Thanks so much Terry and Brad for the warm and loving welcome to Canadian. Your hospitality was amazing.

Tomorrow: Headed to Oklahoma City for a few days.

Blessings, George