Day 112 – Oklahoma City, OK

September 27, 2010

Today was a travel day to Oklahoma City. Early morning wake up, oatmeal with Nanny and great conversation. She is a movie buff like myself and has quite the DVD collection.   Then Brad Henderson took me over to the Canadian newspaper office for an interview and off I went. It was about a 3 1/2 hour to Oklahoma which was uneventful except nearly running out of gas and making a hairpin turn at 65mph. After the adrenaline subsided the rest was easy. I noticed my propane tank was empty so I will plan to have that refilled along with an overall tuneup/oil change etc later this week in Dallas.

Arriving in OK City I finally met Sen Bill Brown. He is the senator who was instrumental in OK becoming the second state to adopt the Honor and Remember Flag this year. It was great to give him a hearty hug and thank him for the support. The senator took me on a capitol tour, beautiful building and we finalized plans for a ceremony he has arranged for tomorrow afternoon. We will be presenting to several Gold Star families at a special arranged event in Norman tomorrow, and I have one secret presentation up my sleeve.

This evening Sen Brown took me to a fund raising event and I was able to meet US Congressman Tom Cole. Con Cole gave me his full support and will be endorsing Bill HR 1034 this week back in Washington. Please if you haven’t already, call or write your representative and US senator asking them to add their support to the Honor and Remember Flag Bill HR1034.

Tomorrow: Special presentation and meeting with the Governor.

Blessings, George

PS: remember the concluding ceremony in Arlington Nov 11th at 2pm. We do have rooms booked if you need them. Let me know.