Day 119 – Fort Hood, TX

October 4, 2010

Today was another wonderful day on the journey through Texas. I headed to Ft Hood, about a three hour drive, where Duane Atchison SOS had set up a meeting for me with base CSM Felt.  This was a an extremely positive meeting as I explained the meaning and purpose of the flag, our discussion continued for quite awhile as  we spoke about the many soldiers who have fallen at Ft Hood and the importance of keeping in touch with their families. Ft Hood has had a number of tragic incidents including the deadly shooting of 13 last November 5th. CSM was very supportive of the mission and had even started to design a flag for the fallen a few years ago. I will be posting photos of my visit.

From that meeting I was extremely honored to be taken over to SOS headquarters where I was privileged to meet and share with three Gold Star Moms and two Widows. What a wonderful time of sharing and learning about each others loved ones. I am forever grateful to have met these wonderful women who have given so much for this country. To be able to add them to my growing family and to be honored to represent their loved ones. This is what makes the mission so completely bearable, the confirmation that what I do has meaning to so many. SOS since its recent inception at Ft Hood has been a tremendous blessing to the many Gold Star families in the state.

Visited the beautiful memorial on base to the 1st Cav div, where NC Director Kathy Moore’s son is inscribed. Truly both humbling and sobering.

Tomorrow: Austin State Capitol Rotunda, 12 noon

Blessings, George