Day 121 – Austin, TX

October 6, 2010

This morning was a sleep in day, til 8am anyway. Ha that is late for me. I had a scheduled lunch appointment with Allen Bergeron and Nancy Glass.  Allen works for the city of Austin as the mayors veteran’s council. Nancy is the director of Operation Honor our Heroes. Allen had arranged a meeting for us with the Mayor of Austin at 3pm.  Mayor Leffingwell was extremely gracious and very supportive, after an opportunity to share my vision he said,  “We have an open spot for the Honor and Remember Flag right on our Council platform”. The meeting was great and they will soon be passing a resolution to adopt the flag in their city.

It was a sincere pleasure to visit the city of Austin and with the ceremony yesterday a perfect conclusion to this leg of Texas.  Before leaving today I was able to record a video tribute to a family who will receive a personalized flag on Nov 10th. My first opportunity of this kind and I hope a memorable one for the family.

I headed south to San Antonio, where I was invited to attend the opening ceremonies of the Vietnam Veterans Security Police Association. It was their annual meeting this year in San Antonio. Richard Holstein, friend from Chicago area had arranged for my visit. It was a great evening and I was able to meet and share with wonderful veterans.

Tomorrow: Alamo presentation 2pm

Blessings, George