Day 130 – Jackson, MS

October 15, 2010

Headed to Jackson today to a bit of the unknown. We have not had a solid point of contact in the state and subsequently do not have a personalized flag presentation or any appointments scheduled. I had my team working on making last minute arrangements and some contacts have been made with supporters who live in the area.  By 830am I had an appointment at the office of US Senator Cochran from there I moved to the capitol where I interviewed with local FOX 40. Click Here!

I was met at the capitol by three supporters who accompanied me to knock on a few doors. USN Shane Mandale, Mike Boyd from PGR and Mike Bostic from the MS tea party.  We were aided by Janet in the Legislative Assembly and by 1pm had gained the support of two House members and two State Senators. In addition had an opportunity to meet with the executive director of the Veterans council.

The day went quite well in Jackson and was punctuated with a surprise chance meeting with a SC representative I have been corresponding with. He had introduced legislation last spring in SC for Honor and Remember. He now works for the President and I had been talking to his father yesterday about arranging a meeting. Out of the blue he walks up to me in Jackson because he had seen the RV. Absolutely one in a million chance meeting. Neither of us had any idea of our MS plans.

Headed to Baton Rouge, after a fellowship lunch, for the weekend.

Tomorrow: OPEN weekend in Baton Rouge.

Blessings, George