Day 132 – Baton Rouge, LA

October 17, 2010

Today was actually an outstanding day. This morning I was invited to speak at Zoar Baptist Church in Central LA.  Pastor Kevin Hand graciously allowed me time to share from his pulpit in both of his morning services. It was a humbling opportunity to share a portion of my spiritual as well as physical journey. The message was very well received and the congregation exceptionally supportive. I was not aware until the service ended that there were two Gold Star families in attendance. It was most certainly my honor to meet and share with them one on one.

Keith Burnham, a blue star marine dad,  had driven me to church and now took me over to Janet B’s house where Blue Star moms were packing care boxes for the soldiers. This was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. After a while several Gold Star families came by and before long the house was filled with a great time of fellowship and Gumbo. I was able to share more fully the story of my journey and this was a great supportive group to get to know.  My thanks to Janet and Floyd for the warmth and hospitality.

Tomorrow: Personalized flag presentation LA State Capitol 10am. Then off to Pensacola.

Blessings, George

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  1. It was a pleasure and an honor to have you as a guest in our home. I hope you enjoyed your trip through Louisiana and felt welcome. I admire you so much for what you are doing and please know we will complete your mission here in LA. God bless and safe travels!

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