Day 136 – Ft Walton Beach, FL

October 21, 2010

Today was the Special Ops Warrior Foundation walk concluding ceremony. The walk included 800 miles from San Antonio to Hurlburt Field in honor of the 15 Combat Controllers killed while serving in the war on terror.  My friends the Bastion’s son Derek was among those casualties . As well as my friends from Virginia, the Jeffersons. Bill and Linda lost their son, Kristy her husband Will in Iraq march of 2008 and had traveled from Norfolk to Florida for the ceremony. Many participated in the last 12, 5 and 1 mile increments. I was able to follow in the bus and have it visible during the ending event. It was an honor to participate in this walk and share in the tribute to so many brave warriors and their families.

During an open break in the event I was able to take an hour and visit a local hero, former POW George Day. What an honor and privilege to meet this man who so successfully survived 6 year s in the Hanoi Hilton. A true inspiration to me and when I shared the vision was completely supportive of the flag and my cause. See pictures.

This evening was spent at a social with the Special Ops families, while at the restaurant I noticed the Florida state HOG association was also there.  I began to engage some of the members and will meet over at their hotel tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Florida state HOG rally

Blessings, George