Day 14 – Vermont

June 20, 2010 – Father’s day

Another beautiful morning began with a wonderful Marion Vermont breakfast. After which we hopped into her solid black hummer (yes I said hummer) and headed toward Albany, VT. Didn’t know they had an Albany, VT but off we went. We were headed to Albany United Methodist church where we met Nate and Vicki Strong, pastors. The Strongs lost their son Jesse in Iraq 26 Jan 2005. Mr Strong was gracious to allow me time on the pulpit this morning to talk about my children, grandchildren and share the mission of Honor and Remember. I cannot describe the acceptance and emotion of the congregation and the morning.

They have erected a beautiful flag pole in the front of the building in memory of Vermont’s fallen. Following the service we went out front and had a flag raising ceremony. It was a touching and tearful moment as we raised the Honor and Remember Flag for so many lost in this great state. We then joined the congregation for some social time where we were able to meet the great people of Albany one on one.

Exhausted we drove an hour back to the Grays for an afternoon picnic and nap.  Oh and then a 4 wheeler tour of their Vermont farm, which was spectacular. We were given a jug of homemade maple syrup from their own trees, so if you meet us on the road, maybe we will make pancakes. It has been a tremendous trip to Vermont and the hospitality here amazing, It will be most difficult to leave here tomorrow at 5:30am.

Tomorrow: 4 hour drive to Albany, NY for meeting with Veteran Affairs Sec and a few Senator meetings. Then 2 hour drive to Camden for evening meeting, see itinerary.

Blessings, George