Day 150 – Columbia, SC

November 4, 2010

Day 150 began with an onslaught of rain,¬† haven’t had many of those as a matter of fact many states are in drought conditions. But I welcome the weather and headed off for what would become a very busy and productive day. My first stop was to visit with US Congressman Joe Wilson. This truly inspiring man, warmly welcomed me and enthusiastically embraced the Honor and Remember vision. He will be working with other legislators I have met, including my Congressman, back home to be sure this is quickly introduced in 2011. I was extremely encouraged by my visit and he and his staff graciously took an extraordinary amount of time with me. One of the most exciting moments of that visit was trying to get out the tight parking lot when the RV was sandwiched on all sides. Took about 20,000 miles of learned skills, but I made it!

My next appointment was with Major General Spears, the South Carolina state Adjutant. What an honor it was to meet this man who is the only elected Military official in the country. Now serving the state of SC for 16 years and in uniform  for 52. All State Adjutants are appointed by each governor, but SC. MG Spears gave my mission his complete support and we had a very terrific and rewarding meeting. One interesting note is that he had a meeting last night with newly elected governor Nikki Haley and she had handed him our brochure and spoke highly of the mission, also telling him that she had signed the pledge. This was an amazing confirmation of support from the state.

I’m off on anther 3 hour drive to Asheville, NC the 50th state on my journey. North Carolina this summer adopted Honor and Remember so I am headed into friendly territory. State Chapter Director Kathy Moore has been arranging my visit for quite some time, and I look forward to the upcoming visits and Flag presentations. Also my brother-in-law lives in the area so I will take some family time until Sunday.

Tomorrow: Catch up on admin, Sunday Trinity Baptist flag presentation, 10:45am

Blessings, George