Day 2 – Delaware/Maryland

June 8, 2010

Yesterday we found out that the state of Delaware had endorsed by resolution HR 1034 on March 24th. it was our mission to visit the DE state capitol and locate the sponsors of their bill HCR27, thanking them. On our way we stopped by the governors office in hopes we could speak with one of his staff, which we did, leaving our packet behind.

We went immediately over to Legislature hall where we met with Rep Bill Oberle and Sen Bushweller thanking them for sponsorship. We also were able to speak with Rep Dan Short and Sen Bunting. Our goal is state adoption of the flag and I was encouraged that legislation will be drawn up to that effect this month. We will check back.  Everyone was extremely enthusiastic and helpful.

Following this visit we headed to Harford County where County Executive David Craig participated with me at his office in a personalized flag presentation to Bob and Carol Roddy in memory of their son PO2 David Roddy ~ 16 Sept 2006 ~ Iraq and also Edith Canapp in tribute to her son Cpl Gary Edward Canapp ~ 8 May 1968 ~ Vietnam. family was also in attendance as well as Col Orlando Ortiz and CSM Rodney Rhoades from Aberdeen Proving Ground.

After a short rest we proceeded to an amazing picnic in Lisbon MD. This incredible feast was organized and prepared by Susan Booth and Howard Lasky of the Town Grill. All of the food was donated and the community was invited to hear the message of Honor and Remember. It was a tremendous outpouring of support and over $1,000 was collected to help us on our trip. I was humbled and touched by the caring spirit of these wonderful people. The Lisbon VFD also made a donation to us in Joey’s name for $500! Delegate Warren Miller was in attendance and pledged to move legislation through the MD House.

While there I was able to present flags to Mr and Mrs Davis in memory of their son Sgt David J. ‘Joey’ Davis ~ 17 Sept 2006 ~ Iraq, and to Susan Booth in tribute to her husband, Sgt Arlie Spencer, Jr ~ May 15, 1970 ~ Vietnam.

This is not about a piece of cloth but the touching of precious lives that have lost more than we could ever repay. God bless you Lisbon. Did I tell you the ribs were amazing?

Tomorrow: Annapolis tour and visit with gold star families along with state lawmakers. Then off to NJ.

Blessings, George

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  1. I just think this is an awesome idea. My heart goes out to the families of the fallen heroes and I want to praise the living heroes too. With out them I would not be able to write this. Thank you.

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