Day 21 – Harrisburg, Plymouth Meeting – Pennsylvania

June 27, 2010 – Sunday

Attended the Shells United Lutheran Church this morning with Crist and Janet, Ryan and Becky. I was given the time to address the congregation for a few short minutes and share the vision of our mission. This is the the third Sunday I have been able to share so far. It was a small intimate congregation and the pastor was very gracious in allowing me to share her pulpit. The members were very welcoming and I was able to speak one on one after the service.

Following the service we had breakfast at the local VFW post where I met Tom the post commander. He is very influential in the state and was impressed by our efforts. He will be taking this to his state VFW and see that endorsements are forthcoming.

I found out that Crist and Janet volunteer at Hershey Park on a regular basis and they offered to provide us with two free tickets to the park. I knew we had a long drive that afternoon to the AGSM convention but felt  that it would be great to give Alex a few hours of downtime to unwind.  After 5 roller coasters and 5 hours of driving I either needed a chiropractor or a deep massage. I am too old for this. Actually I think one of the coasters realigned me.

After the park I caught up with supporter Bob Weaver, he is a post commander in the Lancaster area. He had presented a personalized flag earlier in the year and we have been trying to meet for some time.

We then drove on to the AGSM convention, another 100 miles to Plymouth meeting. I was so looking forward to their banquet because I have made so many new friends. And I am especially touched when able to present personalized flags. Today my trip was for just that, to honor Mrs Dorothy Oxidine and Mrs Vivian Sharver on the loss of their sons in Vietnam and Granada, respectfully. I was also able to meet up with Katie and Diana, who will be waiting for me in MO and KS as we get closer.

It was an extremely crammed day, full of intensity and accomplishments. The banquet lasted til past 11pm and we still had 100 miles back to Harrisburg before we slept.

Tomorrow: We head to Charleston WVA and on the way pick up the RV!

Blessings, George