Day 24 – Cincinatti, OH

June 30, 2010

This morning is a catch up day and we drove the RV over to the truck shop for preventative maintenance. After a few hours we were told that the rear brakes were completely worn out. The pads and calipers needed replacing as well as real oil seals. In other words we should not have been driving  at all let alone through the mountains of Kentucky and West Virginia.  God surely has His hand on our mission.

Honor and Remember formed an Ohio state chapter earlier this year and was honored to finally meet Ohio director Tom Mitchell.  Tom has been instrumental in setting in motion the activities for the state. Tonight he had organized a dinner with his staff, the mayor of Hamilton and State rep Courtney Combs.  I have to say that the dinner was in Hamilton and when I drove thru the city the Honor and Remember flag was flying high.It was good to meet Tom and the dinner went well with both officials supporting our efforts in the state.

Our time seemed short but the hour late before I made it home and crashed for the night.

Tomorrow: Morning radio interview with WNIS, Afternoon radio interview with Bill Cunningham and an evening social event at the Great American Sports bar.

Blessings, George

2 thoughts on “Day 24 – Cincinatti, OH”

  1. Isn’t displaying the Stars and Stripes the officially recognized symbol that reminds us daily of the sacrifices made by members of our military and the lives lost in service to our country? I think that we should be concerned with that segment of the people who don’t think our countries flag and the Pledge of Allegiance can be shown or recited without some special legislation or permit. Check out what is going on in Massachusetts and elsewhere across the country.

  2. Folks,

    Notice you’ll be in the ATLANTA area for church service on the 31st of October. We can arrange for a suitable welcome to First United Methodist Church in Marietta and a great celebration with the John Strother Sunday School class who would welcome you with open arms. Let me know if you have interest in this and we’ll make it happen.

    Regards and God Bless,

    Alan W. Price/Lt. Col USAF Retired

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