Day 27 – Clinton, Cleveland 7/3/10

July 3, 2010

Special flag presentations today at the Ohio Veterans Memorial Park, Clinton, Ohio.  I was honored to speak at a wonderful ceremony amongst great patriots. During this time was privileged to present two personalized flags to three Gold Star sisters who lost their brother Cpl Richard Morgan in Vietnam in 1971 and to Mr and Mrs Murray who lost their son in Iraq on Nov 16, 2005. The attendance was overwhelming and the support strong for what we are doing to establish a tangible symbol of public remembrance.

Following the ceremony we were escorted, by Rolling Thunder Ohio Chapters two and eight, to Cleveland where the Cleveland Indians were recognizing Honor and Remember. We had a terrific night and the Jumbo Tron carried our message and website. we even were able to display the flag on the screen. Pictures to follow.

I also tonight had a wonderful surprise as a blue star mother who had been following our progress, actually came to the game to find us and did. With the thousands of people on attendance she found me specifically. It was a God thing like so many other blessings we have experienced.

Its been a long and tiring day and will try and rest for tomorrows activities.

Tomorrow: Speaking at Atwater United Methodist church, 930am and then on to Travers City, MI for monday.

Blessings, George