Day 30 – Grand Rapids, MI – 7/6/10

July 6, 2010

This morning headed to Grand Rapids, a three hour drive to the Veterans Memorial park in downtown. Karen and Charlie accompanied us to support Erin, Gold Star wife who was our point of contact and set up the ceremony. There was an overwhelming number of support from the Honor Guard and the Patriot Guard, coming together to help us give tribute to Pam Bird and her family in remembrance of her brother Harold Harper killed in Vietnam. It was a sincere honor to meet her family and do this for them. In the park I was able to share the vision to the group there as well as several news reporters.

News 13

Grand Rapid News

Also in attendance was the Vietnam widow who has been questioning the necessity for the Honor and Remember flag. I don’t think I convinced her of the importance but did convey¬† the passion of my mission and was grateful to have met her. Being endorsed by the Gold Star Wives of America and with a personal letter from their founder. I do know that the organization and the majority of its members believes this emblem to be important. Certainly no one should fly this who does not believe our fallen should be specifically remembered with their own symbol. However I believe this will be a national symbol and when its raised it will fly for all of our military heroes.

After the ceremony several of us shared a meal and told stories of our kids. Thanks Erin for arranging such a meaningful day.

Tomorrow: Six hour travel day to Indianapolis.

Blessings, George