Day 32 – Indianoplis, IN – 7/8/10

July 8, 2010

This morning we arrived at the state capitol and spoke with the police in regard to parking the RV. We found one sympathetic officer who arranged our stay and we were able to park right in front. We then met several Gold Star families at the entrance, these were families I had been in contact with from previous meeting or conversations. Jim and Marilyn Frantz who I met a taps, Norma Whiticare who had previously received a flag and Melanie Smith along with Mike More and a friend of Normas.

We decided with no appointments we would visit the governors office, He was on vacation but did get a tour. We then found two state senators who were very receptive to our mission and will be adding a resolution next session. After 15 states we have 100% commitment so far from state legislators.

We had a wonderful lunch for several hours sharing stories of our kids and just getting to know new friends. I love this part of the journey as I am able to meet more and more terrific families. This is a tremendous help in my healing process as I hope it is for them as well.

Later in the evening a few of us held a small intimate ceremony for Loren and Deb Meyer in tribute to their son Michael. We presented them with a personalized flag at Crown Hill Memorial cemetery at their Field of Valor. It was an emotional moment for all and wonderful to share and hug on these precious parents. Tonight we are back in the apartment for a early rise tomorrow.

Tomorrow: 6am leave for Frankfort, KY where we have scheduled meetings at the capitol at 10am. 3 hour drive.

Needs: Accommodations in Nashville, TN over the weekend

Blessings, George

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  1. Thanks so much for the wonderfully small and intimate setting in the large Field of Valor at Crown Hill Cemetery. Loren was shocked when I told him. He hates crowds, so our small group was much appreciated. Jason would be proud.

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