Day 36 – Nashville, TN – Springfield, IL

July 12, 2010

Woke up this morning to a wonderful breakfast thanks to Annie.  Headed to the TN statehouse for a personalized flag presentation. Arrived just before 10am to find a parking space for the beast. The capitol police allowed us to park right in front on the street. I think we got noticed by a few people at that location.

Upon arrival we connected with Rep Joe Hensley’s office staff who rallied to help us gather a crowd for the presentation to Jenna and Paul in tribute to their son LCpl Tyler Overstreet. It was a very moving ceremony as many gathered to witness and honor this family. Pastor Jack from Crossroads was also there as well and other delegates and staffers.  We left making new friends and gained support from legislators in regard to Tennessee adoption.

We moved on to a scheduled meeting with the TN TAG (The Adjutant General) who was extremely supportive and will be assisting us in getting the word out to other states. Our time in TN was a wonderful experience from start to finish, meeting both old friends and new and many opportunities to spread the vision.

Our next challenge was to travel 400 miles, 7 hours, to Springfield, the capitol of IL where we once again spent the night in a Walmart parking lot.  This is the second time since West Virginia we have needed to stay in the RV.

Tomorrow: Meetings at the state capitol of IL and then on to St Louis, MO.

Blessings, George