Day 38 – Jefferson City, MO

July 14, 2010

We started with a great breakfast made by Gold Star mom and world renown chef Terrie Hobson. Our days plan is to head to Jefferson City and a special presentation at the state capitol. Sandy Deraps and Katie Melies had arranged for an amazing opportunity to speak to legislators, patriots and Gold Star families.We had two personalized flags to present but unfortunately the flags were shipped to TN and not in our possession. This was a bit distressing as they were the most important part of our ceremony. I had to arrange an overnight shipment to Jefferson City in the hopes they would arrive in time. In the nick of time the package arrived, about 30 minutes before start time.

Backing up to our early morning departure I have to tell you that in pulling out of my parallel parking space I had a minor incident with an immovable tree. It of course won and I ended up tearing off the rear compartment panel of the RV. This was not a pleasant sight and with little time to make it the 2 hours to Jeff City we threw the crushed door into the beast and headed out.

The ceremony itself was preceded by a beautiful tour of the capitol building and then into the event itself. Several state senators and delegates attended as well as the Gold Star mothers of MO. Many of who I have grown to know. It was a very moving time as we were able to honor Mrs Turley who lost her son in Vietnam and Mr and Mrs Moore whose son was killed in Germany in 1986.

I was able to meet so many wonderful patriots, including representatives from SOS and Following we all had a great lunch and then headed for a restful night with the Deraps.

Oh yes, and back to the busted RV. If this isn’t the blessing of God, Mr Deraps happens to have a metal shop and overnight two of his men took the task of beating out the destruction and getting our compartment door working again. This was incredible and once again proved that the many prayers surrounding us continue to prevail.

Tomorrow: Headed to Ft Leavenworth, KS for our next state ceremony.

Blessings, George