Day 37 – Springfield, IL – St Louis, MO

July 13, 2010

After the night at Walmart we made our way to the IL state capitol. The legislature is out of session and the governor was in Chicago so I did not have any arranged meetings. However I was able to meet with the governors staff and from there able to reach out to a few legislative officers. I did have the privilege of being accompanied by Gold Star mom Melinda Aston and Vietnam Veteran and supporter Richard Holstein. Richard is also a Native American Indian and has been displaying the flag at tribe meetings around the state. He has been working with Marshall Tall Eagle in presenting medallions to veterans and in honor of Tony presented me today with a special medallion from the Indian community recognizing my sons service and sacrifice. It was quite an honor to have received this gift in such prestigious a place as this beautiful statehouse.  Gold Star dad Craig Belk also was helping open doors from a distance and all in all we did have some minor success. These families will be checking back once I leave and I believe all indications are that Illinois will soon follow in embracing the flag.

After we said our goodbyes we headed to St Louis, MO. Gold Star mom Terrie Hobson had arranged a short presentation at the Soldiers War memorial in downtown St Louis. It was a small intimate group but another opportunity to share the mission. Amongst the participants was a group from Mission Continues. A solid organization that is working to place vets into the workplace by giving back through volunteer service. I hope we will see more of what they are doing around the country.

The rest of the evening will be restful and quiet.

Tomorrow: State capitol visit in Jefferson City and 2 special flag presentations.

Blessings, George