Day 4 – New Jersey

June 10, 2010

Continuing our stay with Judi Tapper, had a wonderful breakfast, ran some errands and headed to Memorial Park in Atco, where we met up with Neil from RT and several of the warrior watch riders. We were then escorted by motorcycle about 50 miles, to Trenton the state capitol.¬† In Trenton we met up with Wendy Lang at the capitol steps. Gold star sister Heidi Galloway also drove in to meet us on the steps.With our 5×8 flag on display I took the podium and with a handful of spectators¬† spoke about our mission. We did have several local news reporters covering our visit and hopefully we gained a bit more awareness today.

In keeping with our goals, after our mini event outside we went into the capit0l to find legislators to sign our pledge. It took about an hour but the senate was in session and before we left had 6 signatures from senators in support of Honor and Remember legislation! This is the most from one state so far.

Judy, Alex and I had one more mission today and that was at the home of Frank and Marion Juranic. These parents lost their son in 1968 in Vietnam. Our presentation was supposed to be at the capitol but due to a recent heart attack by Mr Juranic, he was unable to travel. Needless to say this was one of my most memorable presentations as with all of us in tears we talked about their son Francis and of how deeply touched they were to receive a personalized flag. Over and over their words of gratefulness broke through their emotion. After 40 years of reminding people they had lost a son in war they were holding a tangible gift that reminded them he had not been forgotten. This was the first presentation I have made to an intact couple, father and mother from the Vietnam era. Unforgettable.

Special note: I am so overwhelmed by what is transpiring each day that I hadn’t realized that I forgot my computer back in MD. ¬† After unpacking and re-packing the car I called Tracy and sure enough they were at her house. She was so kind to meet us half way and that is how I can blog today. God bless you Tracy!

Tomorrow: Leaving for New york City at 4am to arrive at 630am at Rockefeller Plaza to hopefully find a spot on the Today Show. Several Gold Star families will be joining us. Stay Tuned!

Blessings, George