Day 41 – Waterloo, IA

July 17, 2010

Yesterday was a long day with nearly 10 hours of driving under our belt and the incredible ceremony.  This morning we were invited to participate in a Heritage day parade in Waverly, Iowa. This was our first parade in the wrapped motor home and it was quite a delightful and fun experience. The whole town was out for this event and lined the four mile  route in chairs and blankets. There were several thousand in attendance and we had a terrific reaction from the crowds.  Also I was able to meet two state delegates who endorsed our mission.  Before the parade I was interviewed by Danielle Wagner news channel 7.  Danielle did a wonderful story explaining the mission and purpose.

Following the parade we took part in the Iowa HOG rally in Waterloo. We were able to make some great connections with some great patriots. Along with the Harley motorcycle community and headquarters.

Tomorrow: R&R, RV washing, oil change.

Blessings, George