Day 43 – Waterloo, IA – Madison, WI

July 19, 2010

Good Morning, today was scheduled for us to head to Des Moines, IA for the state capitol. However we are two hours north of the statehouse and our next leg takes us farther north to Madison. We did not have any firm appointments in the IA capitol and many good things have happened in the state already so we are forgoing heading south. My one regret is that we were not able to meet with any Gold Star families here and I know we will make that connection in the future.

My next objective today was to find a place to change the oil. Decided to make the 4 hour drive to Madison and find our WalMart for the night. While there was able to get our oil changed after nearly 5,000 miles. We will rest and see what transpires tomorrow. Wisconsin is another state which has been difficult to arrange, also the legislature is not in session until January.

I found out today that I will be facing one of my biggest challenges to date. Alex my traveling companion is leaving the journey and heading home Wednesday. Alex as many of you met has been an invaluable asset to all we have accomplished and been able to take the pressure off me in many many areas. I am so grateful to have had his assistance for so so long and to say he will be missed in an understatement. I do not have a plan to being able to take on his tasks as well as my own, but press on I will. I will be relying more on the people I meet to fill in some of the gaps along the way. I pray Alex Godspeed and thnak him for making the first month so much more impactful.

Tomorrow: Madison State Capitol 10am.

Blessings, George