Day 45 – Andover, MN

July 21, 2010  Wednesday

Today was a day of much needed rest and some sadness. I had the day off but had to say goodbye to Alex, my traveling assistant. He has been invaluable in filling in the gaps and I know some things will not get done at all now that he is gone.  I will most assuredly miss him and the journey will not be the same without him.

The balance of my day was spent on an amazing motorcycle ride. My host Mike Labelle, GSD Ron Kahler and myself took off on Harleys into the Minnesota countryside to visit an amazing veterans memorial out in  the middle of nowhere. Another beautiful tribute to our fallen from all wars set around a manmade lake. The ride out there was incredible as Minnesota has no helmet law and I rode a Softtail Classic for the first time.  A great day to think, enjoy and de-stress.

A great evening with the families and preparing for a fantastic day tomorrow. Minnesota is my 25th state.

Tomorrow: Ceremony at St Paul statehouse 10am with many officials and families.

Blessings, George