Day 48 – Bismarck, N Dakota

July 24, 2010  Saturday

Woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the campground and the incredible view of the North Dakota skyline. The  plan for today is a Fallen Hero ride to the GWOT memorial and the State Veterans Cemetery. The ride was graciously arranged by Reggie and Pam Treib and sponsored by ABATE of ND (American Bikers Aiming Toward Education) who partnered with us to help get our message out. Once again I was able to borrow a motorcycle, “Fat Boy” Harley, and rode along with the group on this very emotional 2 hour trip. The group was mostly made up of CMA, Christian Motorcycle Assoc., and ABATE members here. I met some great people and the Cemetery was an awesome tribute. While there I met David and he took me to his WWII hero dads gravesite and I also was able to visit the grave of the Dennis Ferderer whose family will receive a personalized flag on Monday. I know that CBS KX tv did an interview but haven’t been able to find it online.

We ended our ride at the ABATE center where a color guard was waiting and a outdoor cookout. I was able to share the message of the journey to the very supportive group. I know that Janet, Reggie and Pam this message will grow in this area.

Later in the evening there was a ride, picnic and concert being organized about 30 miles south with about 300 bikers. Janet arranged for me to speak there so we packed up and made it to the event about 9pm.  We pulled our wrapped RV right up to the stage for the best exposure. There was a very large crowd spread out over a picnic area and campground site so with microphone in hand I  gathered everyone together and tried to get some semblance of order. Once I began there was complete silence as the crowd listened intently to my story. I have to say this was very satisfying to me as the message was completely embraced and the show of the support overwhelming.  This was truly small town america and reminded me of Lisbon, MD from what seems like ages ago.

It was a late night back to the campground, but sleep did come to close a terrific day.

Tomorrow: Church speaking, RV cleaning, some general relaxation.

Blessings, George