Day 51 – Pierre – Rapid City, S Dakota

July 27, 2010   Tuesday

This morning I was escorted by my four friends, Dennis, John, Dick and Ed to the statehouse. I have to pause and let you know that two things that happened before we arrived were that when I pulled into Bob’s Sinclair gas station to fill up, Bob would not let me pay and he donated the $100 bill. Second as I was fully elated, as I pulled out I sideswiped a concrete pile on. Happy/sad, sometimes you have to laugh at your own stupidity. The left rear compartment will now have to repaired.

At the capitol I was able to meet with the governors staff as well as one of the chief councils there. We were given some suggestions as to next steps and prepared to move on to Rapid City. Before leaving I was able to give an interview to Emily of the Capitol Journal.

With escort ahead we proceeded to our next destination, Rapid City. It was our plan to get there in enough time to meet up with other riders and make it for the evening light show at Mt Rushmore. I have never been to SD before and the though of seeing that magnificent sculpture would be a highlight for me.

Sure enough it all fell into place as we rolled up in SD, rested for a bit, planned for Wednesday and rode into the Black Hills toward Rushmore. Rushmore was an incredible accomplishment and we were able to ride right up the mountain. At the top we parked the beast in front of the entrance and  handed out brochures, talking to many of the visitors. The program and light show was spectacular and shared a great moment of patriotism with all. I will be staying the night in Sturgis with new friends John and Jane.

Tomorrow: Huge day planned out of the ashes.

Blessings, George