Day 58 – Longmont – Grand Junction, CO

August 3, 2010

This morning was a drive day, 6 hours to Grand Junction. Unfortunately before I left I twisted my back pretty badly. With people waiting at the next stop I had to press on. The drive, besides the muscle spasms was spectacular, a long drive over the Rocky Mts, through Vail and plenty of 30 mile an hour hills. I called ahead to a friend to try and find me a doctor and he was able to make an appt for me at 1pm. I arrived at exactly 1pm, how about that. After some tweaking and prodding and pushing I limped out needing to keep it iced and braced.

Wendy Hoffman the president of the Blue Star Mothers organization was hosting a lunch meet and greet for me at the local Village Inn. It was a very meaningful time with the moms and wives there as we shared stories of the road and our loved ones. Their convention is coming up on the 10th and I will be just missing it.  We also had a visit from two local TV stations and the newspaper. Perhaps we will get some decent coverage.
The back is still giving me heck so I am doing alot of standing.

I was invited to stay at Rep Steve Kings residence for the evening so a quiet, restful and ice packed night was in my future.

Tomorrow: Long 6 hour drive ahead to Salt Lake City.

Needs: Prayer for the back.

Blessings, George