Day 59 – Grand Junction, CO – Clearfield, Utah

August 4, 2010

Today I woke up again in pain, gearing up with plenty of ice as I have to make a 7 hour trip to Utah. Once I reach the Salt lake area this evening there is a planned picnic with several Gold Star families at the local american Legion Post in Clearfield. Gold Star dad Bob Lehmiller has been preparing for my visit as well as Tim and Fay Dolan.

I have to tell you that the drive thru Utah was incredible. Most was long and flat but the scenery breathtaking. I will put some windshield pictures out on the gallery in a few days. (these are pictures I take thru my windshield at 70 mph while whining in pain and steering :)) The terrain was ever changing, going from barren rock to sweeping green valleys. My only regret was that I had to experience the ride while driving, unable to completely absorb the entire landscape. It was some amazing country.

I did finally make it and in fairly decent shape, I tried to stop a couple of times to stretch best I could. There was a small group for the picnic and then I retired to straighten my back and prepare for tomorrow.  Parked the Beast in the American Legion parking lot and slept in it that night. By the way the Post there has an incredible memorial in there building for our fallen. if you get by there, look them up.

Three very notable events happenned today as well. First Tony’s daughter Ava turned 5! Happy Birthday Ava from Papa! Second the governor of NC offically signed a bill making Honor and Remember their state symbol of remembrance. Cant wait for my visit there! Third today a major article came out in Stars and Stripes newspaper.

Tomorrow: Personalized Flag presentation at state capitol.

Needs: Back still in major pain.

Blessings, George