Day 61 – Salt Lake City, Utah – Pocatello, Idaho

August 6, 2010

Today after a fitful night is a 7 hour travel day to Boise for the weekend.  I have been missing everyone back home as its been two months since I left. However today I pick up my wife from the airport and she will join me for the next three weeks. Sunday a friend also will join us and relieve me of driving through the next 3 states.  This will give me much needed rest for my still sore back and the opportunity to have some additional help and companionship as the miles lengthen. There are still 3 months ahead and many many adventures to come.

Bad news, about halfway to Boise in Pocatello, ID the transmission seals blew and fluid is pouring out underneath. Two positive things from this, one I have a friend from my past who lives in this town and he has gotten me to a CAT truck shop. They are looking into the problem now. Please pray that this setback can be quickly solved. Going to take some overtime but I have a picnic Sunday and a meeting in the governors office Monday morning I must march on.

Tomorrow: Down day, waiting on RV, resting with friends, catching up on administration.

Needs: Prayer and resources

Blessings, George