Day 63 – Pocatello, Idaho – Caldwell, ID

August 8, 2010 Sunday

It is with a little trepidation that we leave Pocatello still unsure as to our transmission problem. We had a 4 hour drive ahead of us to Caldwell where a Grange organization picnic was scheduled for later this evening. The drive was as beautiful as any other however the terrain was more desert and occasional farmland than mountains. We did stop briefly in Burley where my father-in-law built his first church, First Presbyterian, back in the 60s. There were still congregation members there who remembered him.

When we reached Caldwell and the home of Paula and Doug Hylinski, the leaking of the transmission was more evident and we had lost alot of fluid. After a few phone calls Doug found someone to look over the vehicle. Unfortunately it looks as if the transmission is damaged and needs to be rebuilt. We will know more in the morning.

We headed over to the Grange picnic. Grange is an organization in a about 39 states that began as a legislative agricultural group aiding the farm community. It has since grown to encompass so much more. The Grange here in Caldwell has written a resolution supporting Honor and Remember and will be following it thru the state of Idaho as well as the national Grange organization. It was a wonderful time of food and fellowship. Also my friend Stan Handley arrived from Spokane area by bus to take over the driving for a while thus allowing me to rest and strengthen my back.

Tomorrow: Transmission concerns and Statehouse flag presentations.

Blessings, George