Day 7 – Connecticut

June 13, 2010

Today is a day for worship and thanksgiving. This week has been amazing with opportunities to share continuously. As you can imagine, from reading my itinerary and this weeks posts, the trip is physically demanding and emotionally straining. Each day I share my story with all in attendance but also share the grief with the many Gold Star families I meet. I continue to pray for God’s hand on each of these lives and for the strength to continue what I belive must be accomplished.

I was invited to speak today at Living Rock Church in Killingworth, CT. What a joy it was to participate in their service, first to worship and then to share our vision of remembrance. Pastor Ryan and his congregation warmly welcomed me and the mission was overwhelmingly received. I was humbled by the response of all in attendance and actually realized many connections from the past among some of the congregation.

I was especially touched by Pastors Ryan and Dale Young who had lost their son 6 years ago to seizures. What a courageous testimony they have and a powerful ministry to the community. I also met a young retired serviceman who had been struggling emotionally for many years with some military related issues. With broken emotion he thanked me for the mission and said that today because of my words was able to bring closure to this part of his life.

I hope that everyone realizes and I will say this more and more, this is not just a piece of cloth flying in the wind, it represents hundreds of thousands of hurting and broken lives that deserve to be one step closer to healing. The effect of what we do will resonate beyond what I or we ever could have imagined. Pray for strenth and endurance.

Tomorrow: Headed to Rhode Island for a Flag day parade and a special personalized presentation at 5:30.

Blessings, George

2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Connecticut”

  1. Keep moving, onward and upward soldier.
    We got your back.

    VIP Escort Coordinator
    Rolling Thunder National

  2. George,

    We are so excited that your journey is going so well. We all are back home praying for you and the mission of Honor and Remember!

    Brenda Ike
    Director VA Chapter, Honor and Remember

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