Day 73 – Anchorage, AK

August 18, 2010

Last night after arriving in Anchorage, met with the Alaska chapter director Dave Caswell. We planned strategy for the next day and stayed the night at Elmendorf AFB. It was great to wake up to revelie an the view of our fighting Air force in morning PT.  Our first meeting of the day was with the LT Governor Craig Campbell, the Adjutant General and the Director of Veteran Affairs. It was an intimate meeting along with the aunt of fallen Alaskan Adare Cleveland.  After an explanation of the mission and the presentation of the personalized flag we were warmly endorsed and promised that Alaska will be flying Honor and Remember! It was truly a very emotionally powerful moment. Added to that was the view from the 17th floor overlooking the spectacular Alaskan horizon.

Dave and I moved on to the Heroes memorial wall to visit the director there and view the wonderful tribute to Alaskas fallen. We then headed to the Matsu Veterans council meeting where we again shared the vision of our mission and were very warmly endorsed.  On the move again we quicky headed back to Anchorage where the funeral of former Senator Ted Stevens was being held. The Church was filled to capacity as many dignitaries were in attendance, including Vice President Joe Biden, Sarah Palin and many others. It was a very moving ceremony as this great giant of a man representing Alaska was killed in a plane crash August 9th. It was an historic moment for us that I was honored to have attended.

The day was not yet over as again we headed out, now to Palmer, AK for another flag ceremony honoring Angela Anderson, mother of fallen hero Sgt Kurtis Acala, killed 11 Sept 2005. It was a wonderful moment to be able to touch her family in this special way as the church was filled with family and friends remembering together.

Dave had set up a packed full day as we were non stop from morning til night when we were finally able to rest. The journey to Alaska and the beautiful spectacular views would come to an end as tomorrow I continue my journey back to Washington.

Tomorrow: Short visit to VA hospital and flight back to Seattle.

Blessings, George