Day 74 – Anchorage, AK – Seattle WA

August 19, 2010

hard to believe that the Alaska trip was at its end, what had been planned for months had now come and gone as this became my 34th state. Today actually began at 330am as I had to be wide awake for my regular east coast radio interview with Tony Macrini, WNIS. son after I was called by channel 13, also east coast for an updated interview.  Needless to say I stayed tired.

Dave and I headed back to the big city as there was a planned tour of the new VA facility in Anchorage. We were met by the PR Director and were given an exclusive look at the state of the art operations. Excellent facility as they work to improve their state wide care for the high population of veterans that reside in the area.

With little time to spare before my flight we managed a quick shopping break before the airport. unfortunately the break and the subsequent stop at the post office made me 1 minute late for my flight. The check in desk was not issuing boarding passes and not any of my distress managed to make an impact. Therefore I had to wait for the next flight which would get me into Seattle about 2 minutes before my scheduled bus shuttle to Bellingham. Tisk tisk, all worked out in the end as I rushed off the plane, bags in tow, and got on the shuttle bus just minutes before it left. Nothing like a little anxiety to keep that old blood pumping.

Tomorrow: meeting with WA Army Nat’l Guard  Chief of Staff.

Blessings, George

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  1. As a naval veteran of 6 honorable years of service, I admire and respect the great service that you and your fellow supporters are organizing and planning for future growth to this great country. I’ve always prayed that someday, this country would experience a great awakening for future peace around the world. Great work and I hope and plan on being apart of this great cause. Sincerely, Warren Talbert

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