Day 76 – Lynden – Seattle, WA

August 21, 2010  Saturday

Today we headed back to the North West Washington Fair.  It was a very good crowd today and we were able to get the message to many of the folks walking by. The petitions filled up and I had many great conversations with former veterans and patriots. There was nothing extra significant today but the two sows who both gave birth to14 piglets simultaneously in the barn across the way.

Today was also a special treat for me as I was invited to the Seahawks/Green Bay pre-season football game. So about 430pm Chris and I drove the two hours to Seattle for the game. It was a terrific break from the stress and emotion of the week and the game was great fun with lots of offense, so very enjoyable.

Another great day on the journey. The weather here by the way has been in the 60s and I have had lots of Salmon!

Tomorrow: Headed to Longview, WA for the VFW

Blessings, George