Day 78 – Salem, OR

August 23, 2010

I failed to mention yesterday that I was having some electrical RV issues and was concerned about leaving them for too long.  The first is the fact that my front blinkers were sporadically working and the second was that whenever I plug directly into a GFC outlet it blows the circuit. I wanted to figure out the problems sooner than later and found out Gordon is an electrician. So I asked if he would try and trouble shoot for me and this morning he spent some time checking the systems. After some considerable trouble shooting we found out the tripping was not a dangerous issue but something typical to RVs so we moved on to the blinkers which we did gt working. Thanks Gordon! I might add that Gordon is an accomplished singer with an amazing voice and has been featured at the national Rolling Thunder Memorial weekend events for the last 7 years. It was honor to meet him and his family and be included in their thoughts of my mission.

Headed to Salem for tomorrows ceremony, Paul Tremblay has been working diligently on the presentations and we will be spending the night there to get ready. On the way we stopped in Olympia for a photo opportunity, the capitol was gorgeous and I had tweeted a picture.

Tomorrow: Flag presentations and ceremony at Iraq/Afgh Memorial, Salem.

Blessings, George