Day 83 – Las Vegas, NV

August 28, 2010

A day spent walking with Patty, Kenny and his two friends from LA. Seemed like miles and it probably was. There is way too much to describe and we only visited probably 3 hotels. I will leave my opinion at the door, but there is an amazing display of money pouring into every form of entertainment and distraction. I will post some pictures of the landscape. There was no way we could make a dent in the amount of places to go and things to see. And that doesn’t even include the gambling, where you could probably get lost for hours. FYI I did not even invest even a penny in any game of chance. It is an overwhelming experience some may never see and everywhere you turn someone or something is vying for your attention.

Had a great time with my youngest son and that made it all worth while. I only get to see him usually twice a year. he will also be with me in Lompoc for the Dennis Miller event Sept 11..

Tomorrow: Patty flies home, head back to Reno.

Blessings, George