Day 9 – Massachusetts

June 15, 2010

Lets call today a three state day. Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It began with a terrific breakfast with Sharon Serio in Rhode Island, we then headed to Boston for an afternoon ceremony at the state house. Debra Booth arranged an amazing event held right inside the capitol under the incredible architecture and paintings depicting the historic roots of this great state. This was the first state ever where a personalized flag ceremony was held in the capitol itself.

Attending the ceremony was Medal of Honor recipient Tom Kelley, who emceed, and state senator Steve Brewer, who spoke a few words, as well as many state delegates and invited Gold Star families and friends.  This was a beautiful opportunity to share the vision to all who attended and to bring tribute to two very special families. Mrs. Mary Ellen Callahan in memory of her son Sgt William J. Callahan and Mrs. Chris Devlin in tribute to her son lost in Beirut, LCpl Michael J. Devlin.

The support was overwhelming as each legislator signed our pledge and I believe will move legislation forward in MA.

We gathered afterwords for lunch with many of the Gold Star families, in Warren Tavern, a favorite place of Paul Revere. James and Dolly Sullivan, Bev and Flo Johnson, Debra Booth, Mary Ellen Callahan and Chris Devlin (dept president of AGSM MA & RI). The time of fellowship and sharing was a touching punctuation to the event of the day.  And by the way the clam chowder was the best I ever had.

I am blessed to be able to carry this message for so many who have lost so much. Headed for New Hampshire and the Petersons, for a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow: New Hampshire for a special ceremony at the Concord State House at 11am.

Blessings, George