Day 90 – Honolulu, HI

September 4, 2010

Today was a light day of historic adventure. Mark and I visited the Pearl Harbor historic area and were given a personal tour of the famed USS Missouri. The Missouri gained its notoriety by being the place of surrender for the the nation of Japan when the war ended in 1945.  On December 7 1941 you may recall was the terrible bombing of pearl Harbor, 2500 lives were lost that day and 23 major ships and 169 aircraft were destroyed.

Our tour conducted by supervisor Phil took us to the intimate parts of the ship seldom seen, such as the commanders quarters.  After the tour we ceremoniously raised the Honor and Remember Flag above the quarter deck, pictures to follow. It was another memorable moment of this Hawaii trip I will never forget.

The weather here is absolutely gorgeous, I have never visited a place that had so much open architecture. Many of the buildings have no windows or doors on the ground floors. They are completely open air and curiously different.

The day ended with a very special dinner with Rep Takai and his extended family.

Tomorrow: Very Busy beginning with church service, then recital, college volleyball and back to Sacramento.

Blessings, George