Day 91 – Honolulu, HI – Sacramento, CA

September 5, 2010

This will be my last morning in Honolulu. Each phase of the journey seems to end much quicker than I would like. However this leg has been a wonderful blessing. Today I visited a local church and was able to share the spiritual side of my vision and also present a personalized flag to the family of Deyson Cariago.  The Kahu (pastor) and congregation warmly welcomed me and allowed a beautiful moment of tribute to the family.  Sundays are especially meaningful to me when I am allowed the opportunity to share in a forum such as this.

Following church we attended Marks son’s baseball game for a short time then headed to a song recital.  The recital was very surprising to me because it was actually a Karaoke recital. Adults who had taken lessons and were singing popular songs. before the recital Maj Takai and I were recognized by the organizers and i was introduced to the audience and given a plaque. this was a very moving gesture. One of which was particularly humbling. after a few patriotic songs we left for the next venue.

We were invited by the University of Hawaii athletic director to participate in a flag exchange. On the court at the first time out we were escorted and then exchanged flags on camera. the script of my mission and person was read to the audience and we each traded flags. Over 9,000 fans were in attendance and the moment was very well received by all.  next on the agenda was the airport.  I was scheduled for a 9pm departure and an all night flight and I was not going to miss this one like I did Alaska. Flying all night and being picked up by Deborah Getz in the morning.

Tomorrow: Arrive in Sacramento and visit the East lawn traveling Vietnam Veterans wall.

Blessings, George