Day 92 – Roseville, CA

September 6, 2010

Arrived after an all night flight and little sleep in Sacramento. Deborah was kind enough to pick me up and we headed straight to the glass shop to pick up the finished RV. The windshield had been repaired and I had forgotten what it was like to see through a clear window.

The Vietnam traveling wall was in Roseville for a week and today was the closing ceremony. I was privileged to attend and meet some of the wonderful veterans in this town and also to be able to get rubbings for many of the Vietnam Gold Star  mothers that I know.  The ceremony was very moving and memorable and I hope that in its travels the wall impacts many across the land.

At the ceremony I met Gold Star dad Tom Ballard and he has signed on to help me and Deborah this week in many of the upcoming events. Tom is a welcome hand in the many elements of the next few days.

Tomorrow: Errand catchup and reconnaissance.

Blessings, George