Day 95 – Lompoc, CA

September 10, 2010

Tom and I are staying at the home of Deb and Todd Bastian. They are incredible hosts and it is an honor to be invited into their home. Deb is a proud gold star mother who lost her son Derek on Memorial day 2005.  Debbie and I connected earlier this year in DC through the celebration for Iraqi Liberation Day and I asked her if she would help to organize an event in California on 9/11. She has taken on this task with full measure and has planned the most amazing evening. More about that tomorrow.

Today Tom arranged for a visit with top officials at Vandenburg Air Force Base. While there we were taken on a personal tour few ever witness. We were able to see a rocket on the launch pad ready for launch. This wasn’t any small bottle rocket but a full size, three stage, massive space shuttle type rocket. We were privileged to be taken around the facility and be introduced to the technological wonder.

Also earlier in the week thanks to the concerted effort of Debbie, the city of Lompoc, CA adopted the Honor and Remember Flag and agreed to fly it in all 10 of its city buildings. Today they were flying the flag everywhere in the city. A truly humbling sight as this city has decided to make a public statement in honor of its fallen. It is my hope that along with the federal and state governments, each city will also adopt and fly this symbol.

This evening after a short interview on local news KEYT, Deb and Todd put together a great dinner gathering with friends and family. It was wonderful to get to know these terrific people, sharing the evening with food and fellowship. This is the second time I was introduced to Tri Tips, Delicious.

Tomorrow: Big Honor and Remember event with Dennis Miller and Bo Derek. Flag presentations to Vietnam Families.

Blessings, George