Families of Fallen Soldiers Presented With Memorial Flag

by Lauren Amstutz

TRAVERSE CITY — It was an emotional day for local gold star parents.

They were presented with a Honor and Remember Flag at the VFW in Traverse City Monday. George Lutz, the founder of the flag is on a mission to make it a national symbol. He was at the ceremony and told families why the flag is so important.

Lutz says, “What it’s meant to do is be that emblem that when people look at this flag they realize that there is a price for freedom.”

Lutz has traveled to 14 states, each committed to making it a national symbol. He hopes Michigan lawmakers will do the same later this week.

Lutz says, “Our hope is that if we can establish it as a national symbol it will be flying everywhere then those families will be comforted knowing we do care, we do remember.”

The flag combines stars used by the military to represent service, an eternal flame and a folded American flag to evoke reverence and appreciation for those lives cut short. For the families of Sergeant Dillon Foxx and Sergeant Spencer Akers, who were given a flag, it means so much.

Don and Carol Akers say, “It was extremely special very special. Ours will fly on our flag pole.”