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URGENT - Flag Requests Needing Sponsors

This page lists the hundreds of current outstanding flag requests, by state, from families who are waiting to receive a personalized Honor and Remember Flag. With the overwhelming number of requests and the limitation of resources many families have been waiting for several years. Several factors come into play regarding the wait, including personnel, but the greatest reason for the length of time is funding.

We were able to present over 400 flags last year yet we continue to receive new requests nearly everyday.

As an organizational mandate, we are dedicated to facilitating the presentation of one personalized Honor and Remember Flag for each family of a fallen service member, who died while serving or as a result of serving, from any generation. With thousands of families to reach across all generations, gifting is only possible with donated resources or specific sponsorships through individuals or organizations. Nearly 4,000 have already been gifted. We need your help.

We are so grateful for your desire to help fulfill our waiting requests and to place an Honor and Remember Flag in the hands of every family. It is critical that we continue to send the all important message that these loved ones will never be forgotten.

Any additional questions please write

How To Sponsor Requested Flags By State:

  • Click on the state name and view the pins that contain specific map locations for cities where a family has requested a personalized.
  • Click on the individual pin to obtain specific information about that request as well as a link to sponsorship; including the date of initial request.
  • When you choose the flag to sponsor, click on the URL to be taken to the sponsorship page.
  • Fill out the sponsorship information including what information you want printed on the certificate, acknowledging your sponsorship.
  • Include the ID number from the pin in the "Personalization on the Flag" section.
  • Add any additional comments, including if you would like to present that particular flag to the family if possible.