Fly the Flag Appeal

Good Afternoon,

When a member of the United States Armed Forces dies in the line of duty, several things happen in a short period of time.

The body is transported to a military facility and prepared for return to the U.S., accompanied by a military escort. A member of a special military unit personally notifies the parents and spouse of the deceased.  A military funeral is conducted, at which the family receives the thanks of a grateful nation and the folded American flag that covered the casket.

The family members return to their homes and begin the ordeal of coping with the loss for the rest of their lives. Within months, families begin to realize that those who surrounded them in their grief have returned to their own priorities. This scenario has played out thousands of times among American families since our nation began.

I believe that the most important aspect of this reality is that the lives of those fallen heroes and their sacrifice for our nation must never be forgotten. I know because my son was killed by a bullet in Iraq.

On Memorial Day of 2008 the Honor and Remember Flag was established. It is a visible and public symbol of a grateful nation … a testimony to all who see it that America’s sons, daughters, spouses, brothers and sisters who gave all will be perpetually honored and remembered.

The Honor and Remember Flag is officially recognized by legislation in 19 states. I am asking you to help us make it an even more visible public statement of recognition and gratitude throughout your area and the ENTIRE country.

It could not be easier for you to help. You can join this important initiative simply by flying, displaying or distributing the Honor and Remember Flag.  Please seriously consider participating in this important cause. At your convenience, please visit our web store,, and consider displaying the Honor and Remember Flag.  You may read our story and explore our mission at Thank you!


George Lutz ~ Proud Father of CPL George A. Lutz II ~ 29 Dec 2005 ~ Iraq

PS: Join us also in participating in our nationwide initiative Honor and Remember Month of May.