Honor and remember across America

By: Melanie Woodrow Wavy.com

NOROLK, Va. (WAVY.com) – While veterans everywhere marched in parades, George Lutz was on a parade of his own.

The father of fallen soldier George Anthony Lutz II, George Lutz hit 15 Chick-fil-A restaurants across Hampton Roads Memorial Day Monday to say thank you.

“This is the first time that a business like this has really stepped up and wanted to make a difference,” said Lutz.

“We decided as a group of operators this year to unite behind this campaign for George and to honor those who have fallen in our country,” said Chick-fil-A owner Gary Itnyre.

Chick-Fil-A owners donated five percent of Memorial Day sales to Lutz’s organization.

The money in part goes to educating people across America about the Honor and Remember Flag. The flag is a tribute to any fallen service member.

“To have a flag to have a symbol flying every day that recognizes the price of freedom is an unbelievable tribute to those men and women,” said Lutz.

In March, the Virginia General Assembly voted to adopt the flag as a state symbol.

One week from Memorial Day Monday, Lutz will embark on a cross country journey.

“It’ll be a deployment if you will for five months, 17,000 miles, culminating in Arlington Cemetery, November 11 on Veteran’s Day,” said Lutz.

The goal is that every other state in the nation will also adopt the flag.

Lutz says he never imagined he would receive so much support.

“Being able to take my son’s death and convert that into such a positive way of reaching out to hundreds of thousands of families that have experienced that same loss is such an important thing,” he said.

Now that he has, he is ready for the next leg of his journey.