Honor and Remember Dispatch – June 2009, Vol 2 Issue 6

  Founder’s Message  – Anniversary Appeal

 It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since we unveiled the Honor and Remember Flag on Memorial Day 2008. Looking back, I am amazed at the significant progress we have made toward our goals.Personalized Honor and Remember Flags have been presented to dozens of families, including family members of the 17 sailors killed in the attack on the USS Cole. Additionally, many individual ceremonies have been created. The requests for personalized flags are growing fast as more families become aware of our campaign.Virginia Congressman Randy Forbes has introduced HR 1034, a bill to endorse the Honor and Remember Flag as a national symbol. Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has unanimously passed a resolution in support of the flag, as have many cities in Virginia, Pennsylvania and other states.The Honor and Remember Flag has been endorsed by the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., the Fleet Reserve Association, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Military Officers Association of America, The Vietnam Veterans of America, the Air Force Security Forces Association, the Naval Reserve Association, Veterans of Modern Warfare and many others.Honor and Remember state chapters are now beginning to form, enabling us to spread the word of our mission at the grassroots level. People are volunteering to promote the cause around the country. www.honorandremember.org/statechapters.php

As exciting as these accomplishments are, Honor and Remember is facing a significant challenge. Our resources are reaching a point that will soon limit our ability to keep our steady pace moving forward. Expenses that include manufacturing, public awareness and presenting personalized flags are mounting.

You have expressed your support for the Honor and Remember Flag campaign by signing our petition and flying the flag. Please consider adding to that support by making a one-time or monthly contribution. By partnering with us in this small way, you can help us keep moving forward with city, state and federal adoption, public awareness and, most importantly, remembering every one of the families of our fallen. Our parents, spouses and children.

You can easily make a contribution  on our website by clicking on this link: www.honorandremember.org/donation.php

Your contribution will help us to continue pressing on toward a national symbol of remembrance; recognizing our fallen military men and women more than two days a year.
Thank you for your support. God bless you,

George Lutz

    Our Hero’s Story – Gary Boyle
I am the son of a downed pilot still missing from the Korean War, Lt. C.E. Boyle Jr. I was two years old when the Korean War began. My dad’s unit, the 452nd Bomb Wing Light, was activated and stationed at George Air Force Base in Victorville, California. My family lived off base in a log cabin. My ONLY memory of my father is of him holding my hand as we walked to our rural mailbox down the dirt road that led to our home. My mother always insisted that he take my hand because of the presence of rattlesnakes. I have a photo of my father holding me while standing under the wing of his A-26 shortly before he left for Korea. Now, at the age of 60, I still look up whenever I hear an old radial engine rumbling overhead.Dad flew 73 missions in Korea, one of which earned him the Distinguished Flying Cross. His last flight was a single-plane, volunteer mission over North Korea at night. At one point in the mission, he broke radio silence in order to give coordinates for his plane and request assistance from a naval ship near his position. Unfortunately, the Russians controlled the area of Wonsan Harbor, where his plane probably went down, and no American ships could go there.I began to investigate my dad’s fate when I was in my late twenties. My quest for information led me on a journey that included meeting with KGB officers at the Pentagon, making a number of television appearance and speaking before many groups. Last September I was invited to speak at Edwards Air Force Base, where I was able to express my undying loyalty, admiration and respect for those in uniform. Eventually, the government released a statement saying that the number of MIAs from the Korean War is more than 8000.The phrase “honor and remember” has a deep meaning for me. While my memory of my father is limited, the honor I feel about his service to his country is boundless. Losing my dad when I was so young left a huge void in my life. The Honor and Remember Flag is a wonderful reminder for all of us who have lost loved ones that our nation will never forget their sacrifice and the loss their families endure.NOTE: Honor and Remember is looking for positive stories about the young men and women who have died serving our country. We would like to share them in this newsletter and on a special page on our web site. The stories should be about 300 – 400 words in length and contain insights that capture the individual’s personality and celebrate their life and honor their experiences in service, etc. We want to present a snapshot of our young heroes … who they were and how those who loved them remember. Photos are welcome.

*** Please send to contact@honorandremember.org

    Why I’m on Board – Barb Benard  
The first time I was introduced to the Honor and Remember Flag was at a national executive board meeting of the American Gold Star Mothers headquarters in Washington, D.C., back in 2008.  The flag caught my eye immediately.  As I listened to George’s explanation of the flag’s concept and meaning, I knew right away I had found my mission.  This flag is a daily reminder for all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our great country from the Revolutionary War to the present conflicts.As a Gold Star Mother, whose son Sgt. 1st Class Brent Adams was killed in Ramadi, Iraq, I embrace this flag so I won’t ever feel that my son died in vain or that he will ever be forgotten.  The Honor and Remember Flag is a constant reminder of gratitude and respect.  I have been present on several occasions when a personalized flag was presented to some of our Vietnam-era mothers and some from the present conflicts.  All were very emotional and forever grateful as they clutched their flags to honor and remember their special hero.   It was a great comfort for them to know that their son or daughter would be remembered in such a significant manner.On March 14, 2008, I was privileged and honored to receive my own personalized flag with my son’s name on it.   What an honor!  I am having a frame made for it and it will hang in my family room over my sofa for all to see.  I do not want to ruin this precious appliqued flag, so I bought a screen print flag, which flies, on my flagpole under the American Flag for all to see.  I am very passionate about this flag and will do everything in my power to get this flag recognized as a national symbol of gratitude and respect for all our service men and women.  Support our military. Honor and remember our fallen.  Thanks to you George for your flag design and your tireless efforts to push forward with this flag.  Words alone cannot express how healing and comforting it is for a parent to receive one of these special flags.Your friend and advocate, Barb 

  Recent News and Presentations

Community United Methodist Church Service (May 25 09) Special Memorial Day service, Gave keynote address. It was such a well thought out and beautiful tribute and was more honoring than words can describe to stand for our brave men and women this day.

The Memorial Weekend – Woodward Park, CA (May 24 09) As part of the – “One Nation Under God” event in the city of Manteca, CA on stage in the presence of several thousand patriots, the family of CPL Michael D. Anderson Jr. – 14 December 2004 – Iraq, was presented with an Honor and Remember Flag. Flag was donated by the national Fleet Reserve Association.

Bedford memorial ceremony (May 23 09) During this ceremony Tom Leisher presented a personalized Honor and Remember Flag to the family of 1st Lt Joshua Loren Booth ~ 17 Oct 2006 ~ Iraq.

Memorial weekend – Rolling Thunder XXII (May 23 09)
Endorsed by the Rolling Thunder organization. Presented Honor and Remember Flags to Mrs Ruth Stonesifer (Afghanistan), Mrs Betty Freeman (Vietnam) and Mrs Theresa Davis (Vietnam).

Wall of Honor Richmond, VA (May 21 09) Spoke to more than eighty Gold Star families in attendance. I was given the honor of presenting a personalized flag to the family of Cpl Jared W. Kubasak ~ 12 December 2005 ~ Iraq.

Harley Davidson Yorktown (May 20 09) Presented a personalized flag at the Yorktown Harley Davidson HOG chapter meeting to Gold Star family of LCpl Kyle W. Brown ~ 7 Jan 2006 ~ Iraq. Flag was donated by United Veteran’s Alliance Foundation.

America Supports you Texas (May 15 09) Six Honor and Remember flags were presented to the families of Spc Forrest John Waterbury ~ 14 March 2007 ~ Iraq, Pfc Paul Balint Jr. ~ 15 Dec 2006 ~ Iraq, Pfc Jeremy L. Drexler ~ 2 May 2004 ~ Iraq, PO1 Randy G. Whitaker ~ 30 Nov 2001 ~ U.S. Navy, Sgt Michael C. Carlson ~ 24 Jan 2005 ~ Iraq, Sgt. James P. Muldoon ~ 29 June 2006 ~ Iraq .

Greenlawn Memorial Gardens (May 08 09) Rep Randy Forbes and Mayor Alan Krasnoff both spoke as we presented a personalized Honor and Remember flag to Rose Tuazon, whose son Andy died on mother’s day 2004.

Mayors celebration – National day of prayer (May 07 09) 
Presented to Martha Ann Consolvo a personalized Honor and Remember Flag in tribute to her son Cpt John W. Consolvo, MIA 1972 Vietnam.

Please read our Blog for more details. www.honorandremember.org/blog.php


I picked up your flag at RT-2009 and rode it thru heavy rains and wind back to NY. The flag will remain on the bike for all to see and remember. I was able to get members of our chapter to purchase the flags and spread the word. God Bless.
Flushing, NY

Dear organizers: hello. I heard about your site from Virginia congressman Tom Perriello so i decided to find out more about your mission. Thank you for all you do for our veterans past, present and future. I hope this national flag symbol resolution passes… God’s speed, Judy. Wylliesburg, VA

I am a Marine vet and a man of few words so I only have one thing to say — OOORAH!!!! Keep up the good work everyone! Sacramento, CA

I lost my husband 06/21/06 in Iraq! Thank you for keeping those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, memories alive!!! God Bless.
Vine Grove, KY

I’m the sister of PFC David Dietrich who died Dec 29 2006 in Iraq Thank you for honoring all the fallen heros all that died in all the wars. Also thank you to the families of the ones that died fighting for our freedom.
Carlisle, PA

I Charles Green ( May 11 09 ) (Virginia Beach, va)
I am a chief engineer and for as long as I’m around this flag will fly alongside the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, Nato, Virgina State & The Stars & Stripes! Virginia Beach, VA